Monday, September 30, 2013

HVAC Contractors - Getting Started with ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR v3 for the HVAC Contracto

The NCEEA has created a document to help the HVAC contractor become qualified to work on ENERGY STAR jobs and become a leading energy efficient contractor.

Click here or on the document to download the pdf.

HVAC contractors who are ready to learn and apply advanced techniques recommended by ENERGY STAR can have the opportunity to sell more services, improve customer satisfaction, and make homes they work on significantly more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Advanced Energy is the second organization to become a HVAC Quality Installation Oversight Organization (H-QUITO) and supports NC and surrounding states. They will guide you through the process, provide technical assistance, and oversight so you can begin working on ENERGY STAR jobs!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sales of Certified Energy Efficient Homes Outperform Traditional Construction in Triangle

Statistics for 2012 home sales in the Triangle region in NC show that certified green homes sold for higher prices and spent less time on the market than traditional homes. Sales of certified homes have shown consistent growth each year, increasing at a rate more than twice that of uncertified homes. This data shows a strong appeal for certified homes even in a difficult market period.

Certification adds additional costs for the builder and owner, but is proof to the buyer that the home meets stringent specifications and will result in a healthy, durable home with monthly energy savings. This information should help real estate professionals understand the impact that certified energy efficient homes are having in the residential housing market and give builders a great reason to build certified homes.

Realty Analytics performed the data analyses using MLS and county records, see the original report here.