Monday, March 7, 2011

NCEEA Begins Quantification Study Investigating Added Home Value of ENERGY STAR® Qualification

In today’s tough economic climate it is more important than ever to get your money’s worth.  Home builders and buyers alike are concerned with the financial return on their investment and in identifying the benefits of owning an ENERGY STAR qualified home.  While an average monthly utility savings of 20-30% for ENERGY STAR qualified homes is well-known and highly documented, little is known about the value an ENERGY STAR qualification adds to the homes total value and its ability to sell quickly.  For instance, will an ENERGY STAR home sell for more than a similar non-qualified home?  Will it spend less time on the market?  These are important questions when building and buying a home and the NCEEA has begun a quantification study to answer them.  The investigation conducted by the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance will compare homes with ENERGY STAR qualification to similar non-qualified homes sold in 2010 to see if an ENERGY STAR qualification translates into faster sales and higher prices.


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