Thursday, May 5, 2011

Environmental Solutions Group helps NCEEA pass the 100 home mark!

Steve Armstrong, Senior Energy Analyst, at Environmental Solutions Group has been a champion of the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance's goal of reaching 3000 qualified ENERGY STAR homes by the end of the project.  He and the ESG team recently submitted the Alliance's 100th completed home. 

ESG understands the challenges businesses face when it comes to becoming authentically sustainable. Their experience includes certifying organizations as having reduced their carbon footprint, certifying ENERGY STAR Homes for the EPA, providing Quality Assurance services for RESNET and verifying Green Built Homes for the National Association of Home Builders. They have achieved the coveted GreenPlus Certification from the Institute for Sustainable Development and GreenCheck certification from the Sierra Club Green Home program.

The NCEEA thanks Steve and ESG for their continued hard work in the energy-efficient new homes market, and for their hard work on behalf of the NCEEA.


  1. ESG are very much loved by custom home building companies, because most of these companies aim to offer the best energy efficient solutions to their clients. Not to mention that green solutions go perfectly together with custom new homes because the clients can save money in the long run if they used triple layered insulation for heating, solar panel for energy consumption, etc.

  2. I agree with Paulie. New homes are perfect for green solutions as the homes would be designed with the solar panels, triple layered insulation, and other green solutions integrated with the home. It's not just some patchwork wherein every piece doesn't fit with the rest.

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