Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Feature: Appalachian State Offers FREE Workshops on 2012 Energy Code

Workshops are being offered throughout the State on the new Residential Energy Code. The new code was approved by the NC Building Code Council and goes into effect January 1, 2012. Builders, Designers, Realtors and other Building Professionals are invited to attend these free 3-hour workshops that include lunch and are funded by the North Carolina State Energy Office.

      Topics Covered:
  • Review updates to the code
    • upgraded insulation levels
    • improved window performance
    • building envelope air leakage reduction
    • duct sealing & diagnostic test requirements
    • high-efficacy lighting required
  • (HERO) High Efficiency Residential Option
    • beyond code voluntary program
  • Understand the changes and be prepared to implement them!
This new code increases efficiency standards in residential construction by 15% beyond the code's current standard and 30% with the HERO option. Significant efficiency improvements will save homeowners money on their monthly energy bills and help create jobs in every region in the state. Click on the course location near you for more information and to register, or contact Anna Erwin at 828-262-8331 or


  1. Robbie, we were allotted a certain amount of workshops and had a hard time finding someone to host us in Charlotte. There is one in Statesville this Friday, Dec. 2 and is only about an hour away if you can make it. Thanks!

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