Thursday, October 13, 2011

Utility Incentives Bridge the Gap Between Energy Efficiency & Affordability

Many utility providers offer financial incentives to builders and homeowners as a way to encourage and promote building ENERGY STAR qualified homes. Utilities like to promote energy efficiency because it keeps the demand for electricity at a manageable and cost efficient level. Utility providers can
Feature Profile: Progress Energy
Location: Headquarters in Raleigh, NC
Originated: 1908
Provides: 22,000 megawatts of generation capacity
Serves: Over 3 million customers in North and South Carolina and Florida

Awards: Edison Electric Institute’s Edison Award

Goals: To pursue a balanced strategy for a secure energy future, including aggressive energy-efficiency programs and investments in renewable energy technologies.

Current Incentives: Homebuilders are offered a variety of incentives which include: $400 rebates for new homes, $350 rebates for manufactured homes, $300 rebates for air-source heat pumps and qualifying air conditioning systems, and $600 rebates for qualifying geothermal heat pumps

Highlight: Owners of ENERGY STAR qualified homes receive a 5% discount on utility bills for the lifetime of the home!

Look For: New residential construction builder incentive packages coming in 2012

Find them at:
increase their own efficiency in production and extend lower prices to their customers. Customers also benefit directly from utility incentives in the form of rebates, loan programs, and giveaways. Sometimes these can be coupled with manufacturer rebates to further reduce the cost to customers.

Progress Energy has set a good example in providing incentives that promote energy efficiency. Other utilities in North Carolina offer incentives for new and existing homes. 

Duke Energy provides homebuilders,  HVAC installers, and homeowners rebates for installing qualified heat pumps and air conditioning systems in new or existing homes.

Randolph Electric Membership Corporation offers homeowners of qualifying energy efficient homes discounted electricity rates and free energy audits.

Before installing any energy efficiency measure in your existing home or buying a new home, be sure to check with your utility provider to see if there is a discount offered.

For a comprehensive list of the most current information on utility provider energy efficiency incentives visit our website at


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