Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comprehensive 3-day HVAC for ENERGY STAR v3 Trainings

New guidelines released by the EPA for ENERGY STAR New Homes Version 3.0 will go into effect on January 1, 2012. It requires that all HVAC contractors working on ENERGY STAR v3 homes will need to complete training and register with a Quality Assurance provider (ACCA).

The North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance is providing comprehensive 3-day trainings across the state to meet these needs. This workshop is designed for HVAC contractors, but designers, home energy raters, and home builders are also invited to attend. These trainings will cover all you need to now about the new program.

  • A comprehensive overview of ENERGY STAR Version 3 (v3.0) HVAC Installer and Rater Checklists
  • How to perform the v3.0 test-outs including charging, airflow testing, balancing, & ventilation
  • Comprehensive overview of ASHRAE 62.2 calculations, compliance, & design solutions
  • An in-depth review of ACCA Manuals J (Version 8), D, S, & T
  • Training on the use of Wrightsoft software
The NCEEA has partnered with Home Energy Partners to offer these trainings for a registration fee of only $150 (normally $995), includes lunch all three days and a complimentary ACCA Manual D duct design book. This training also qualifies for 12 NATE CEU's. Click this link to register or for questions call 828-262-8331.

Following are the dates & locations:

January 4-6, Asheville
January 9-12, Fayetteville
January 23-25, Winston-Salem
February 6-8, Charlotte
March 14-16, Durham/Chapel Hill
March 19-21, Wilmington


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