Friday, December 16, 2011

The Year in Review

The North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance has had a productive year. We have made progress in bringing together the energy-efficient housing industry stakeholders to overcome market barriers through education, awareness, and outreach. Some of our accomplishments in 2011 are:
  • Multimedia, Direct to Consumer Marketing Campaign - an aggressive, comprehensive, statewide campaign that included: billboards, print media ads, consumer brochures, exhibits at home shows, and banner ads on websites
  • The Inaugural Annual NCEEA Summit - a roundtable discussion with Builders, Home Energy Raters, Utility Providers, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, and Appraisers that helped to generate over 175 initiatives
  • HERS Rater Incentive Program - Rebate program to achieve the goal of introducing 2,980 new ENERGY STAR Homes into the North Carolina marketplace. We currently have 2,200 ENERGY STAR Homes qualified towards that goal with another 800+ expected by the end of February 2012
  • Realtor & Homebuilder Sales Training
  • Realtor Trainings & Outreach
  • Builder & Rater Outreach
  • Continuing Education Trainings for Realtors, Lenders, & Appraisers
  • ENERGY STAR v3 HVAC Training
  • ENERGY STAR Market Impact Study completed - Provides statistical evidence that ENERGY STAR Homes have a significant market advantage compared to similar code-built homes
What a year! In 2012 we will persevere to grow and achieve sustainability as an organization, build upon our partnership with ENERGY STAR, add outreach efforts in the existing homes arena, and continue to promote the many benefits of energy-efficient homes. We currently have 285 members in the Alliance and 680 contacts on our mailing list. Join the Alliance at and help us meet our goals in 2012.

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