Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Business Opportunities for Home Energy Raters

New Business Opportunities to be Available Soon for RESNET Rater
 and Energy Smart Contractor Members
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RESNET will be soon presenting its Rater and Energy Smart Contractor members with an exciting opportunity to sign up for a first of its kind suite of online lead prospecting tools.  The goal to assist RESNET rater and contractor members generate new business opportunities through cost-effective and high return-on-investment lead prospect generation.

This first of its kind suite of tools is expected to be launched to all RESNET rater and contractor members by the end of this July.  All raters and contractor members will be able to take advantage of the program which will allow them to generate significant new leads through a web and mobile application accessible through the RESNET web portal.  The system also takes the guess work out of identifying the complete universe of utility company, municipality, federal / state stimulus programs, tax incentives and retail rebates by matching the zip code level requirements of the specific rebate and incentive

This opportunity is being made available through an agreement between RESNET and GreenOhm.  GreenOhm has developed lead and incentive finder tools for such organizations such as Masco's Healthy Homes, Johnson Controls, York and Bosch.  Through the agreement with RESNET GreenOhm will tailor its system for RESNET members.


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